Artist Spotlight: Cayetano Valenzuela

July 16, 2014

Each year we invite a different artist to design our promotional materials for the coming market and this year we hired Cayetano Valenzuela of Black Rabbit Studio to create something wonderful. He designed the “Call For…” image that we posted yesterday to coincide with our application launch, and he is currently working on designing the poster and market tote bag. Just like you, we are in the dark on what his poster design will look like and the anticipation is killing us. AHHH — we just can’t wait to see more! Well just the other day to our delight, he posted an image on Instagram (as shown below) and we think we know what it’s for!!!! Thanks for the sneak peak Cayetano. ;)

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 9.48.53 AM

Here are the many ways you can follow Cayetano, drool all over his work, and then buy some:



Announcing this year’s venue: SKY Armory

July 14, 2014

Since the Salt Market’s debut in 2009, we’ve hosted the market in many different and often raw warehouse/storefront spaces and have had to relocate year after year for one reason or another. It’s been an interesting journey and we are fortunate that our audience and handmade vendors moved along with us. This year we started our normal “space search” with a pessimistic attitude because honestly, it’s an exhausting project year in and year out. But we trekked along, hoping and praying that something would make this year more special. Then, somehow, it happened! It’s unbelievable, really — through a random connection and a lot of luck, we came across a Facebook posting about this new, soon to launch event venue opening in downtown Syracuse called SKY Armory! We reached out to them all giddy with excitement, “Could this be the space we’ve always dreamed of?” Things moved rather quickly after we introduced ourselves to the SKY Armory team and we’re happy to report that  they are equally excited with us using the space to host our market. Hurray! It’s a match made in heaven. <3 We can’t wait to show you the space filled with Salt Market joy on Saturday, October 18th. It’s going to be fantastic!

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 11.02.03 AM

SKY Armory logo


Getting closer!

July 9, 2014

Today Courtney and Briana toured a new event venue in Downtown Syracuse. The space is going to be fantastic, whether we have our market there or not, and we are grateful for the opportunity to consider it. We should have more details about this year’s market very soon — we still need to shake out a few details. We’re getting close!




Better late than never

June 10, 2014

Well we’re off to a little bit of a late start organizing this year’s markets. You see, it’s a challenging struggle to have to search for a new space again and again, but we’re hitting the ground running, even if it’s a little bit late in the game. Wish us luck on the search. And stay tuned for more information.