Vendor Spotlight: Annalena Davis of Salty Lyon

September 17, 2014

We’re kicking off this year’s vendor spotlight series with Annalena Davis, of Salty Lyon. Salty Lyon is new to our market and we just know that you are going to love her work! Well, if you’re anything like us and obsessed with maps, maps, and maps, that is. Her hand drawn designs will take you all over the world, and back to Syracuse, and we’re along for the ride.

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About the artist

Annalena Davis is an artist, maker, and travel enthusiast, living in the Syracuse NY area, and owner of Salty Lyon prints. She’s originally from State College, Pennsylvania, and after moving around a bit, moved here in 2007 to complete her Masters Degree at SUNY ESF. Since then, she has worked in community development, and started Salty Lyon in 2012. She loves creating art that can help people show their love for their favorite places. Her first designs resulted from a desire to create art that represented some of her favorite places that she’s lived in and explored. Since then, designs for Salty Lyon have grown beyond the few corners of the world she’s seen.

What drove you to start your business?

I went to school for Landscape Architecture, where I learned about design and formed an interest in city planning and maps. Two years ago, in 2012, I was creating graphic art prints in my free time as an outlet for my creative side, and was looking for a challenge and something I could really pour my heart into. So I started Salty Lyon prints and have found that being an artist and a business owner is a great fit for my personality. About a year ago, when I started offering woodblock-mounted prints, my husband, who enjoys woodworking, offered to make the woodblocks. Since then things have grown even more, and I love having him on the team and being able to offer handmade woodblocks along with the usual paper prints.



What’s the most interesting item you’ve recently made? What makes it so awesome?

My most popular items are my hand-drawn city map prints, and I get a lot of requests to draw new cities. But a few months ago I decided to set aside some time to work on a project of my own choosing, and I created some really fun animal photo collages using photos I took on a recent trip to Montana. I had a lot of fun creating this series and am hoping to do more sometime soon!

What keeps you making and growing?

My customers and my travels. I love working with customers who are excited to hang my prints on their walls and tell me why the places they picked are special to them. I love that they can show off where they grew up, met their spouse, had their kids, or where they just love to visit. I love when people share these bits of information with me when they’re buying city prints.

On a more personal level, I love to travel and explore, and every time I go somewhere new I find inspiration and am always eager to make and create more. I especially love to take photos when I travel, and am hoping to create more collages and other fun prints using my photography soon.

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Which vendor or vendors are you looking forward to networking with or purchasing from?

I’ve been drooling over Planetarium’s work for a while now and I am hoping to find some time to stop by their booth. I love their nature-inspired botanical prints. I’m also excited to check out prints by High Fidelity, Ink + Wit, and the Knotty Owl’s jewelry.


Thanks Annalena for taking the time to talk with us! To view more samples of her work, visit the Salty Lyon Etsy page or her website.

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What? No Pepper?

August 19, 2014

After reviewing our market applications and considering our new event venue, the Salty Ladies decided to only host one market this year. Sorry for the disappointing news, but there won’t be a Pepper Market this year. Instead, the Salt Market will be large once again (think about the 2011 show at King + King) and will feature 55+ designers and artists taking place on October 18th. Hey, maybe the Pepper Market will return next year? You never know!



Simply fantastic!

August 17, 2014

There’s always a wonderful flood of incoming submissions that ensues just days before an application deadline; it is so much fun! It’s happy adrenaline feeling, maybe similar to being a kid opening birthday presents. Anyway, this year was no exception — 40% or more of our 110+ submissions were received within the last four days! We are humbled by how many makers have interest in exhibiting at our market and we want to THANK YOU for your interest!!

The Salty Ladies will be meeting soon to layout the 2014 market and we look forward to posting information about this year’s exhibiting artists and designers in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned!




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